A Date In London

On the 19th of June, I had a date with Sheng Wei in London *inserts overjoyed monkey emoji*. We kinda planned it but then again not really (if you know what I mean but I doubt so cos even I'm confused...) 

He was on vacation in UK and our holiday dates happened to clash so we decided to go around London together because why not? It's London and my favourite person! 

We left my place early and headed to St Paul for breakfast. 

Had breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien, an organic bakery that has really good...jams/spreads...

yes, I went there for breakfast to buy their bread spread and not actually for their breakfast menu.

The cafe is located right opposite the main entrance of St Paul's cathedral, cute and cosy little cafe for breakfast.


Tried their breakfast menu and it was really good! Organic aka healthy and delicious. 


especially SPECULOOS (bought like a few jars for myself & souvenirs)

After breakfast, we took some pictures outside the cathedral before heading to our next stop.

(Romper : H&M / Sandals : Vincci / Bag : Michael Kors / Necklace : Bausch K / Bracelet : Thomas Sabo) 

our touristy photos at Westminster

what's London without Big Ben & London Eye?

After Westminster we headed to Borough Market (amazzzinnnggg food market in London). Took the Tube to the London Bridge station and headed to the market straight! 

This stall sold handpicked oysters from the sea and we had it. SO FRESH I DIED. I don't normally do seafood...definitely not raw seafood for sure but I ATE IT, I DID IT! It was so good D: I need to go back sigh. 

Fried Scallop teppanyaki 

 Hobos eating fish & chips on the floor because no space 

it was really good fish & chips but I didn't eat much because SOMEONE decided to devour my portion because HE FORGOT we were sharing...#fatassalert

Baked goods sold in the market, looked so good! We had the macarons, tasted so good! Price was no cheaper but taste had a huge difference!

I had cravings for gyoza so I got them.

skin should have been crispier tho...

He got himself a hot dog...

Had so much fun at the market! Tested so much food samples, went stall to stall snacking and explored all kinds of food. Definitely a favourite place of ours! 

After the market, we headed to Oxford Street (agaaaainnn). I needed to shop...(#zoeyprobs)

My trip to Oxford wasn't productive...he ended up sitting outside stores while I ran in and out so in the end, I gave up shopping ugh.

We went around London after and ended up across one of the bridges and had dinner at a restaurant & pub there. 

 our big ass faces spamming your screeeeen, sry not sry

r u bored yet

or nah

We sat by the river, view was great! Enjoyed the sun set while having dinner.

Well, someone's 18 so...cheeers ~

Our mains, food was not bad! Thank god we stumbled upon this restaurant or else we could have gone hungry that evening. 

After dinner, took some pictures of us and the sunset & bridge. Our date was coming to an end :( 

On the way back on the Tube...fattie made strawberry water (.__.) 

That's just him being a camwhore while I was removing my make up after we got back...

Had so much fun that day, wish we could have more time together tho :( day was perfect but wasted quite some time on the Tube travelling from places to places but it was worth it.