Have you ever been in a place where you hear rude remarks or untrue rumours about yourself and wonder why they're even there to begin with? Well, bear with me and my rants if you bother because half the time these immature beings who take the form of a human really don't know you enough to talk about you. I mean hey, if someone is spreading shit about you that you have done then that's all on you because you brought it upon yourself, but if you've done nothing close to what they're spreading, then you have all the rights in the world to be mad. 

First of all, to those who spread, do you somehow find bringing someone down entertaining? Because I can't bring myself to think of any other reason to why people like you actually take the time to think of such mean things to spread about someone. Have you ever stopped to think about these few factors before you even make a rude remark or spread a rumour? 

-Do you even know that person well enough or for that matter personally to judge them or talk about them in a way that might seriously hurt their feelings and image?

-Are you honestly that pathetic? Do you honestly have nothing better to do than ruin someone else's image/reputation and hurt them?

-What do you wish to gain from doing all this?

Everyone has the freedom of speech but if you have nothing better to say, just...

And also, to most of the human beings out there (actually all) who judge someone by their appearance, the way they dress, the way they talk openly about certain topics etc. IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, everyone has their own free will on how they wish to talk or dress etc. you have zero rights to call someone a slut because of how they dress or bitchy because of how they look...

A slut refers to a female who sleeps around and is easy, a bitch refers to someone's stuck up & mean attitude...Non of those can solely be judged by someone's appearance or the way they present themselves. You have to at least take your time to get to know someone before actually commenting. 

Honestly, this is how society works. Everyone has had moments where they just automatically go all 'ew' when some chick with a super mini skirt passes by. 

You don't like the idea therefore you just automatically shut off all possibilities and come out with a simple rude remark or comment to make yourself feel better when you should be giving everyone that comes along a chance for redemption or to prove your judgement wrong. Speak only the truth and not what you think is the truth.