First Anniversary

10th of April 2014, my first anniversary with Sheng Wei 


I can't believe a year flew by so fast, I remember our first date like it was yesterday. It's ironic how we got to know each other through tennis. Now that I think about it, as gay as it sounds...I think it must have been some kind of twisted fate because, never in my life would I have signed up to compete in MSSD for a sport that I'm not even close to familiar with. I've never played tennis in my life and I joined the school team...not even sure how I got in honestly...

I still remember how you first started the conversation with me, so mainstream and so typical. You started talking to me on Facebook because you couldn't get hold of my number. I remember getting the notification while having dinner and I was pretty surprised. It was hilarious how I gave you my number straight away, before you even asked for it because I was afraid I would miss your reply since I don't go on Facebook often...sigh, must've been a little too easy for you ugh. 

Since the first day we started talking, we never once stopped. Our conversations were crazy long, it was cute how we never once said goodbye because one of us would usually fall asleep while texting. Bit by bit you got to know me even more and so did I. We started hanging out and talking in school, we took our first picture together on sports day 2013. I still remember how I was crazy nervous to ask for it :p

can't believe I looked so shit in our first ever photo 

Our first date was at The Curve, we watched Beautiful Creatures and had Vivo Pizza after the movie. I remember you trying to act all tough in the movie during the pop ups. *It wasn't even a horror movie baby, you were just a scardy-cat* it was hilarious and half the time I was watching your retarded reactions, so cute! I remember celebrating your birthday with you at Ikea/The Curve after PMR & SPM extra classes during the holidays, I baked you chocolate cupcakes too ^_^ 

Not long after, on the 10th of April 2013 someone was so nervous, dragged me out of class and said the sweetest things ever and asked me to be his girlfriend. From then on, everyday spent with you was an adventure. I love you more and more each day and everyday, I get to learn something new about you. It has already been a year now and I find it so amazing that through the ups & downs we've had throughout the whole year, we lasted and got through everything together. I can't wait for the many more years ahead with you. 

I love you 

A year later, on the exact same date we got together, I received one of the best surprises ever. 

I left school early because I had no more classes on, my mom got me and decided to bring me around the world with her to run her errands. From 2pm to nearly 6pm, I was in the car from Damansara to KL and I was getting so exhausted and also afraid I wouldn't be able to make it back in time to surprise Sheng Wei. I was starting to get mad and when we finally got home it was nearly 7pm. 

I ran upstairs thinking that I could finish up the surprise, shower and get ready in like super speed mode before he comes. When I opened my room door...this was in my room...

Balloons all over and this big baby 


Apparently, he had it all planned out with my mom since the weekends and my mom was dragging time on purpose to buy him time. He painted my wall (only because I used to stick lots of pictures with blue tac on it and when I peeled it off, my paint came off as well...), constructed a heart with lights and stuck our pictures around and in the heart and a Thomas Sabo charm bracelet in my closet. Not sure what I've done to deserve all of this but I was beyond happy and surprised. He definitely owned me in planning and giving surprises. 

Thankful that my mom took the time to help him surprise me too 

We had dinner in Opus (another surprise but not so since I've been there during my last birthday but he forgot). 

The ambiance was good but got pretty annoyed because there was a huge bunch of people being all loud because they were celebrating their friends birthday. Had a good meal, fresh clams & mushroom soup for starters and steak & salmon for mains. 

Dessert at Alexis after, Tiramisu & Meringue 

Loved every bit of my evening, so thankful and grateful for everything he has done for me. 

Dress : Forever 21 / Bag : Topshop / Shoes : Bershka / Necklace : Baush K / Bracelet : Thomas Sabo 

My surprise definitely didn't get to top his one off but here, a box of his favourite Japanese candies, a heart shaped 'you & me' puzzle, a photo book of us for the past year (not in photo), love coupons (gay and not in photo) and lastly, got a ring and carved 'SWZ' on the inner corners of it and made it into a necklace for him. 

My night was beyond amazing, love this baby boy to bits 

Still can't seem to believe a year has passed, thank you for everything you have done for me and for always being there for me.