Secret Garden

A weekend ago, I had a photo shoot with Daniel Adams *screams* (only because I think his conceptual photography is pretty damn amazing). Daniel's conceptual photography is pretty deep. I'm not too sure how to explain it but his photos are usually dark and his captions are usually deep...


secret garden

lost in all that has been forgotten,

wandering & wondering,

she realised,

she was one amongst the forgotten. 

I told Daniel that I wanted him to choose the concept & theme for the shoot and I'm not sure what it really is but I'm pretty satisfied with it. I somehow came up with a pretty long caption & short explanation behind the photos...

Basically, I guess sometimes in life...we get left behind, and in a blink of an eye...we've already been forgotten. 

photo credits to : Daniel Adams

Check out more of Daniel Adams work on his Facebook page :) 

Daniel A Photography