Top 10 Resolutions for 2014

It's a new year and I have finally managed to list down all my new year resolutions that I will try to achieve. 

I am by far the laziest person I know and procrastinating is my number 1 fav thing to do. My favourite word is "WAIT LAH!" "LATER LAH!" sigh, it's getting out of control. I honestly don't expect myself to have a sudden 360degree change in attitude but let's hope that I can slowly get rid of my horrible habit and by the end of this year, we'll see some sort of changes.

I have slacked so much in exercising and getting fit since the middle of 2013. I honestly have no idea where all my motivation went. I had the craziest amount of motivation at the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 but slowly started slacking because I thought it was "okay" to do so…Well, now I've gained at least 1 or 2kgs which is totally NOT OKAY and I'm also all chunky & wobbly now because all my toned-ish muscles decided to just sack :( god damn, I'm so jealous of girls who can just snack and binge eat all they want and not exercise but still look hot as fuck ugh. Oh wells, I guess complaining won't make me any skinnier so exercising throughout the year is what I'm hoping to achieve and not give up on. 

I honestly don't think I'm dumb…but neither do I think I'm some sort of genius. I know that if I were to be less lazy and more hardworking, my results throughout the year would be BAM BAM BAM all the way but I'm Zoey…I don't do that shit…so, hopefully this year, I can put the same amount of hard work I put into acing my UPSR & PMR into tests throughout the year. Let's hope I actually do that because I've had this resolution since I was 13 so…we'll see…

I honestly love performing but at the same time, I'm terrified as shit to go up on stage. I would rather perform in front of a thousand people I don't know than a thousand people I know…I have such a theory that if they're people I don't know, I don't have to care about whatever judgement they give later on but with the people I know…it's the other way round. I've been lucky enough to be placed in such a school where they have legit cool plays every end of the year and also championships for arts. All I really want to do is gain a little more confidence to actually get something out of these events. Every year I gain a little tiny boost of confidence but I think time is passing way too fast and I'm still not as confident as how I really wish I could be. Well, hopefully this year, it all goes well and that little extra boost of confidence I need comes along. 

I have this list of crazy things to do before I die and I really hope that I can get something checked off that list this year. I mean, you honestly don't know what the future holds. You won't know when you might just fall off a chair and never wake up so why not do it now right? I'm gonna try to grow some balls and just try to get something off that list. It could be bungee jumping or like learning how to ride a bike (because I don't know how to). I think checking off one thing off the list per year is reasonable so why not. 

  • LET GO
I get annoyed quite easily and half the time I just ignore whatever you say once you get on my bad side but I realised that half the time I don't feel good ignoring someone because I get this heavy heart feeling inside. This year, I'm gonna try to let it all go, like you can say whatever the fuck you want, but I'll let it all go and try not to ignore you. I mean, you're not exactly gonna be happy either if you're gonna hold grudges all the time right? 

I guess just generally learning how to appreciate the little bits in life that brings joy instead of always expecting that the only way to be happy is if I managed to get my way or get something I want. 

Admit it, you're gonna have a whole ton of worries in your life. Every year, you get a whole truckload of shit to worry about but sometimes, not everything on that truckload is worth worrying about. This year, I'm gonna try to throw away things that don't matter off the truckload and hopefully I'm only left with the little things that is worth my time. Less stress and more focus on what really matters. This way, more happy time! 

The amount of money I spend in a year is…enough to feed more than 10 families in Uganda man…Half the time when I spend on clothes, I end up selling them off as pre-loved after 2-3 times of wearing them. This year, I shall think before I actually spend…let's hope I actually do that…sigh. 

Time to learn how to be more persistent and not give up so easily every time it gets a little harder than usual. 

I guess this is all for now, let's hope that I can at least achieve half out of the 10 resolutions I have set for myself.