Sweet 17 Makeover Party

17 magazine had their Sweet Seventeen Makeover Party yesterday at Fullhouse, Sunway Pyramid. Jo & I decided to take part in it since we were curious of what the event was. 


We reached at 11 but obviously Malaysian timing, it started at nearly 12pm. It was limited to 50 pax only and we were all separated into 4 groups. Jo & I were put in group 1.


Started off with introduction and a lucky draw


Was lucky enough to have won something from the lucky draw :)

items sponsored by Sze Accessories 

After the ice breaker, we were supposed to move in groups and rotate to different stations. The first station we went to was Sze Accessories. We were given a small envelope with materials to make a charm bracelet. 


We were given ribbons, clamps, pliers, charms etc. 

First step to making your own charm bracelet is to braid the ribbons up and then slowly clamp the charms on the strap. It was pretty simple but it takes patience.  

Gay faces but hey, look at our charm bracelets! 

After our first workshop, we had lunch. Buffet sponsored by Fullhouse.


After lunch, we headed to our second workshop which was by Skechers. 

They basically gave us some info on how to mix and match with Skechers. Comfortable yet fashionable. 

Pretty much in love with those Skechers Jo & I are holding up. They look like loafers and the colours are so cute! 

Moving on to our next workshop, it was by KATE. 


The make up artist taught us a tip or two on how to enhance ourselves using their products. Not sure if you can see the difference but on one eye, I used KATE's slim gel pencil to do my inner eye lining and the other eye I just lined my lid. There's actually quite an obvious difference. It makes your eyes look more defined than just normal lid lining. 

You know how normally gel liners come in a little pot with a brush, KATE has now managed to produce gel liner in a stick so check it out. It's really delicate and application is not that hard. 

After KATE's workshop, we had a tarot card reading thingy thing. Sponsored by Soleil Trinity.

These cards have greek numberings on them, 1 - 9. 

Basically, to calculate which card is your so called 'soul card', you're supposed to sum up your birthdate.


ex : my birthday 25/08/1998

you calculate by adding 



4+2 = 6

my soul card is 6 


The Lover 

Basically, each card defines you. It describes your personality and why you are the way you are. To summarise what The Lover card describes me as…

basically, I am a person who needs lots of love (?) and a cupid on earth (?)


apparently, I'm super emotional (????) 

I feel like it relates but then again it isn't too accurate so idk, because it described the majority accurately…maybe somewhere or something went wrong…hmm.

That marked the end of the event. We got ourselves goodie bags! 

Top : Cotton On / Skirt : Vintage / Bag : My Vivid Dress Room / Shoes : Agape Boutique 

Before I end this post, would like to give away some vouchers. 

On a first come first serve basis, email me at zoeypky@hotmail.my if interested in any of the vouchers listed below. 

-RM80 only instead of RM138 FULL TAROT CONSULTATION (45 MINS) by

Soleil Trinity

-RM30 cash voucher for Frēshel products from SASA  

-RM30 cash voucher for KATE products from SASA

-20% off

Sze Acceossories

Thank you 17 magazine for the event :) 

Photo credits to : Johanna & whoever behind the camera