A few days ago, Sheng Wei & I went for an unusal date. We went prawning! Basically fishing for prawns, but since we're all Malaysians, we make up words that don't exist to describe unusual things…It was my first time prawning and honest to god it wasn't easy, well, not for me. I guess if you have some kind of fisherman's luck or skills you can catch easily but I don't so…mehh.


The place we went prawning was in a place called Tropicana Ebi Fishing. Not only do they have prawning but when in season, they also have fishing, crabbing & lobstering (?) It was definitely a fun experience, missed fishing in Melbourne so this was sort of an alternative.


A huge man made pond with shelter for you to fish for any amount of prawn you want and can!


RM 18 per person, per hour 

RM 10 for a box of your VERY OWN WORM ^^ (yay worm)  

First catch went to Sheng Wei 


Score : 1-0 


In real life, he was screaming his balls off holding the prawn but voila PRAWN. 


 Concentrating on our rod, waiting for the prawns...

Prawn vs Worm

The worm was freaking long, I'm not even kidding. Just a little insight of prawning, you have to take your worm out of your container and you gotta saw bits of the tail off and use it as your bait. And, yes you have to touch it (unless you bring your maid) and yes it is torture...


So called

PRAWNING (posing)


like…after 45 minutes…

my prawn wasn't even trying to eat my bait…its' tail accidentally got hooked on my hook so…

Zoey 1 - Prawn 0

Zoey 1 - Sheng Wei - (a lot) 

Outer wear : Fox-Out / Top : Cotton On / Shorts : Kitschen / Shoes : Agape Boutique 

After catching your prawn, basically the prawn will eventually die because they're injured but before letting them just suffocate to death…we're given a net to put the prawns into and then we're supposed to hang it by the side of the pond to let them shit out everything (because they do that after getting scared) and also die a less painful death (I guess)…

Not bad, amateurs and we caught 11 prawns altogether! 

Um, transferred out and packed for us to bring home (RIP)

The prawns are free of charge, and say if you've got skills and you manage to catch a lot in an hour, RM18 per person & hour for any amount of prawns you can catch is pretty cheap…but if you suck then too bad la, your prawns can cost up to like gourmet prawn price. 

Tropicana Ebi Fishing also provides BBQ pits. For those who enjoy a chilled night fishing & BBQ-ing dinner after. Perfect for chilled nights with family & friends. 


Remember your worm? You get to label it and claim it as your own for your next visit :) 

RM10 won't go to waste as it's pretty unlimited.  



Made garlic butter prawn with Sheng Wei! 

Pretty satisfying :p 

Tropicana Ebi Fishing
Lot 27, Kawasan Landskap & Nursery,
 Jalan Tropicana Selatan,
47301, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Photo credits to : Sheng Wei