Senior's Prom Night!

Last Friday night was my senior's prom night. Every year, the seniors (form 5's) have this event after SPM, sort of as a formal farewell party & a night to dress up. Every year, they have a different theme. This year was The Great Gatsby. This year's prom was held in Sheraton Imperial, KL. I got to go because Sheng Wei invited me as his date! Had a pretty fun night with my baby.

Flashback to a few months ago…

He asked me to be his prom date :)

And months & months later…after PMR & SPM…finally, prom night!

Everyone took a hundred and one percent effort to look good on that night. Even though it wasn't my prom night, I guess I am still a little (a lot) vain hahaha :p 

I did my eyebrows the day before at A-Listers, Giza. 

This is actually my first time threading so I don't know if this is considered cheap but I think it's pretty reasonable. It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would have and I think it's pretty cool that they have pictures on how your eyebrows should look like depending on your face shape. 

I did my nails in Jo Nails, Giza. My first time there too as they're not my usual nail parlour.

Shimmery silver for my fingers & dark purple for my toes. I am not a good mani pedi photographer…took my toes pic in Penang :p 

On the day of prom night, I had my hair & make up done in deVogue, Sunway Giza. First time there too, got some package online which was half price of their normal price. They did a pretty amazing job and not only did I have nice hair & make up done, the lady working there offered me to model for their next year's catalogue! Pretty damn psyched! 

I went home after and got ready. Dressed up & this cutie came in his grey suit to pick me up :3 

At my place before prom, mom wanted to grab photos of us hahaha she thinks we're cute & stuff. 

Beautiful corsage from my baby.

Left for prom in the evening, it was really quite jam. Pretty much underestimated the Friday night jam down to KL, but thank god everyone else as late so it was okay hahah :p

Photo booth outside the ballroom and well how could we (I) miss it :p

During prom. 

Couple games, got dragged out by Sheng Wei to play with him. The classic newspaper stepping game :p 

Last resort was to carry me…I'm honestly not as heavy as his expression makes it seem…sigh.

After some games, it was time to give out awards to Best Dressed, Best Couple, Prom King/Queen etc. Sheng Wei & I actually got nominated but didn't win haha oh wells. Congrats to the winners tho! Sheng Wei was also nominated as prom king but he didn't get it too hahah :p 

After the award presentations, it was time to hit the dance floor!

Had fun dancing with my baby & my girls. 

Pictures with everyone (not really)…

Thira & Alisa were invited by their boyfriends while Bea & Raz were helping out the prom committee. It was a pretty fun night, glad I got to spend it with my girls & my baby. 

Accessories : little stalls around malls / Necklace : Bausch K (from Sheng Wei) / Dress : Le Femme / Clutch : Kenanga Wholesale City / Shoes : Vincci 

After prom, the seniors had an after party. I went as Sheng Wei's plus one. The after party was definitely sick. Had a crazy amount of fun with everyone hahaha! It was one hell of a night. Literally partied till morning. Screwed up my sleeping schedule but oh wells. 

Prom night & the after party was definitely memorable. Thankful for the invite :* 

Photo credits to : mom & the photographer in charge during prom night.