2013 Ended Way Too Soon

Can you believe how fast a year has gone past? Another chapter of our lives ending so soon and once again, in a blink of an eye, a new beginning is a few days away! Literally 2 more days to the new year. This year has been filled with so much drama but at the same time filled with uncountable good memories. We have once again successfully lived through a whole year learning from our mistakes and making amends.

2013 was the year I found myself alongside the best bunch of friends I could ever ask for and someone I could really rely on. It was the year where everyone was having a hard time finding themselves and the year where everyone finally grew up. 15 for me bascially marks the point of no return. It's like the year you either decide to screw up or you decide to grow up, be smart and at the same time have shitloads of fun. The deciding part was hard but I'm glad the people around me & I were able to make the right decision. 2013 was also 98's PMR year and I honestly thought it would have sucked, but I have come to realise that exam years can be fun. You have pilled up programs and things to do compared to years where you just chill around in school. Although, chilling around is pretty fun too but, preparing for something important and after it's over, you just feel a weight lift off your shoulders and that just feels pretty sweet.

Honestly, I don't know what to feel about the year ending so soon. I mean, I'm gonna resume school in 3 days and I'm gonna be sort of a senior already. I can still remember graduating from primary school like it was yesterday, but in reality that was 3 years ago. I constantly wonder how time can fly by so fast, time literally just flies by in a blink of an eye, faster than we can adjust to it.

All in all, I hope everyone is ready for the new year & also don't forget those new year's resolutions. I know it's sort of impossible to keep up to it but let's all try :p All the best & lots of love!