Penang, With Love.

Last weekend, part of my family, Sheng Wei & I drove up to Penang for a short getaway. It was quite a long drive & have I mentioned how much I hate long car rides…It was pretty damn tiring. We left in the morning and reached around 3pm.

We had hawker food to fill up when we reached and continued our journey to the hotel. We stayed in Flamingo Hotel, Penang. The hotel was not bad. It had a beach which was already fulfilling enough for me.

We headed to the beach right away after checking in.

Had way too much fun at the beach, missing it already :( 

After the beach, we soaked ourselves in the pool for a bit. 

Bikini top : K-Mart, Australia / Bikini bottom : Topshop 

We headed to Gurney Drive for dinner that night. Tasty hawker food but a bit pricey because it's a tourist spot. Boo to that but other than that, it was pretty good.

The next day, we had complimentary hotel breakfast and headed up to Balik Pulau to visit some relatives and also have their famous Laksa for lunch. 

Selfies before we left!

On the way to Balik Pulau, we passed by a drive thru Starbucks which seemed pretty cool to me...

I'm a loser who's fascinated by this…#noyoumaynotjudge

Laksa for lunch! I'm not a spicy food kinda person at all but since there was nothing else to eat so I gave in to it...

Without santan

With santan

Surprisingly it wasn't as spicy as I thought it would be, plus it tastes good. 

After lunch, we went to Paragon, Gurney. It's a new mall with most of the major retail outlets. 

Panaroma of the christmas decorations & this part of the building. This part of the building was actually an old school building block that they converted into part of the mall. 

Walked around the mall but nothing beats KL shopping so I didn't get anything. We headed to Hard Rock Hotel and sneaked into their beach after we left the mall.

Fish eye selfies on the beach!

Fish eye lenses : Holographic 

Damien did this for Sheng Wei & I (aw)

Had fun sneaking in and playing at the beach once again. 

Sunnies : Hong Kong / Dress : K-Mart, Australia 

Dinner was with my relatives. We had seafood by the beach, food wasn't bad. Don't remember where it was at tho.

After we got back, we played sparkles because Sheng Wei was going to be away for christmas & new years so we decided to have our own little celebration before he leaves to Japan till next year. 

Ghostly pictures because it was night and sparkles go off way too fast! 

Shirt : A&F / Shorts : Kitschen / Shoes : Agape Boutique 

The next morning was our final day in Penang. We spent our morning by the beach once again. 

I basically got bullied by these two boys, they buried most of me in sand :( 

Last day at the beach :( 

Cover up : H&M / Bikini top : K-mart, Australia / Bikini bottom : Topshop

After we checked out, we headed for lunch then to Aremenian Street to take a look at some of the famous street art.

The town was filled with murals & some sculptures. It was a really artistic town with lots of heritage buildings.

Thanks to my cousin Anna, we managed to get around perfectly fine. 

Sunnies : Sunglasses / Top : Holographic (@holographic_ on Instagram) / Shorts : Kitschen / Bag : Cotton On

Headed back to KL after that. It was a short but sweet trip. Glad I got to spend my short getaway with the people I love. 

Photo credits to : mom, Sheng Wei & Anna.