My JinnyBoyTV Experience

Last week, the famous DJ from & YouTube channel (JinnyBoyTV) - Jin posted on all social media sites that he was looking for extras to be in his upcoming short film. I was scrolling through Instagram & happened to stumble upon it. Since PMR is over & done with and I had no plans that coming weekend so I decided to give it a try since all I had to do was email my profile and a few pictures to them. I honestly did not think I would get it & I actually forgot I submitted my entry because the server was down when I sent my entry. Apparently, out of all the failed entries I submitted, one managed to get through.

The email I received from Jin on Friday afternoon notifying me that I got chosen as one of the extras.

I was surprised and at the same time happy when I got the email. It was a two day shoot & it was at Coffee Stain @ Publika. 

Day 1 - I had to wake up early for the shoot because we had to gather at Coffee Stain at 9am. I got to meet Jin, his partner Reuben, the cast & crew. I made friends with the other extras that got chosen & to their surprise I was the youngest because all of them were either in college or university. Do I really look that old? :p 

In the process of shooting. 

New friends I made! 

Left to right > Vincent/Janice/Victor

Cast & crew members!

photo credits to : whoever behind the camera.

It was nice meeting new people & experiencing the shoot but sad to say I expected more even though I was just an extra. I didn't expect lines or anything but I did expect more things to do because usually they don't put up casting calls for their shoots looking for extras. I was there for a few hours & the only thing we were asked to do was sit in the background & walk around the cafe. Honest to say I was a bit disappointed but I'm still very grateful & glad that I had the opportunity.

Even though there was nothing much to do, there was still a good coffee & ambiance.

The coffee art @ Coffee Stain

I was so fascinated with the coffee art, especially the 3D ones. They were all so cute & it was so hard for me to drink it because it was too cute!

With the creative crew, Reuben & Jin.

photo credits to : mommy

Top : Gossips Boutique (@gossipsboutique on Instagram) / Skirt : Cotton On / Shoes : H&M / Bag : My Vivid Dress Room (@myvividressroom on Instagram) 

That marks the end of day 1's shoot, great experience but expected more. 

Day 2 - I was hoping for it to be more productive but still didn't go as I hoped for it to be but I'm still grateful for the opportunity. Day 2 was exactly the same as day 1, we did the exact same thing. I'm still a little bummed because I expected more but all in all it was alright. I enjoyed watching them film the short film & the cast & crew were all so friendly. 

Same bunch of lovely people.

photo credits to : whoever handling the camera.

Behind the scenes. 

 With the cast & crew.

 With the main actor Sam from the local band Busco.

One of the props used in the film. Illustrated by Hsu Lynn, the main actress. 

photo credits to : mommy 

Dress : China / Bag :  My Vivid Dress Room (@myvividressroom on Instagram) / Shoes : H&M

That's a wrap! A 2 day shoot filled with experience. I'm really glad I got the chance to be a part of it, can't wait for the end product. They'll be continuing the shoot in Australia & I have a feeling it's going to be an amazing short film.