Melbourne with The Family & Bestie (Part 2)

It's been 5 days since my trip to Melbourne. I've had so much fun since then. I visited some vineyards & small towns in Mornington Peninsula & Brighton Beach on day 5. I had one of the best fish & chips in that small town & the view of both the beaches I went to was just absolutely amazing.

Mornington Peninsula!

with a wide variety of fish fillets & also other fresh seafood to choose from, pick your fav & have the best fish & chips in town + side dishes!

seriously tasted so good! I had fresh scallops for only 2 AUD & it tasted so good. 

After having our lunch, we headed to Rye Foreshore. The beach was beautiful, so clear that you could see everything beneath. 

The water was so clear, I can't even...hahahah I miss it so bad! I'd love to have a house by this beach one day. Such a beautiful scenery to wake up & walk out to if I ever have a house by this beach. 

After the beach, we went to get some ice-cream & gelato since it was sunny out.

I have missed Cold Rock so much ever since I had it like 2 years ago in Singapore :( or was that Cold Stone...I don't remember...hahahaha stone...rock..same thing...

Green tea gelato, few stores down from Cold Rock. It tasted pretty good too! Wasn't too bitter nor was too much sugar added.

Damien took this photo of me!!! He actually takes good photos hahaha for a 5 year old. 

Picnic at Caravan Park which is located just by Rye Foreshore.

After our visit to the small town, we headed back on the road and visited some vineyards. The first vineyard we visited was Montalto Estate.

 Beautiful sceneries surrounding the vineyard.

After the first vineyard, we headed to the second vineyard. Red Hill Estate. 

Today's outfit was based more on the soft side as I thought it would be a nice outfit to go with the outskirts & small towns. A white dress with a lace see through in between & a jeans jacket to make the outfit a little rugat when needed to and also to keep warm when it gets chilly. My usual black flats & back pack for comfort & convenience.

Sunglasses : H&M / Dress : iStyle (Catwalk) / Jacket : Vintage / Bag : Coach / Shoes : H&M

After Mornington Peninsula, we headed to Brighton to see the famous Brighton Beach houses. 

Panaroma of the Brighton Beach houses. Sorry I couldn't get a better picture taken :p

Lemon Tart & Flourless Orange Cake

Eton Mess

After taking some pictures by the beach, we headed to the cafes by the beach to have tea. I had and Eton Mess, basically pavlova & meringue crushed and mixed with cream, strawberries and blueberries and my parents had Flourless Orange Cake & Lemon Tart. We headed home after that and cooked up some fried rice for dinner because we were all starving & lazy. Despite being lazy...Bea & I still baked hahaha, but from a cake mix. We baked Red Velvet Cupcakes and it turned out quite tasted better than it looked, so don't judge! :( 

The next day, we headed to Melbourne City Central for some shopping & to visit the Melbourne Aquarium.

It was sunny out so I decided to wear a little less. A cropped top with nice graphics & a simple denim shorts. Sandals for easy movement & to suit the weather. 

Sunglasses : Hong Kong / Top : KITSCHEN / Shorts : KITSCHEN / Bag : Coach / Shoes : Vincci 

The Melbourne aquarium was beautiful. It had loads of beautiful sea creatures & also other animals. Snapped some nice photographs in the aquarium. 

Beautiful creatures & cute penguins. It was such an experience. I think I'm starting to have a thing for visiting aquariums hahaha! 

After the aquarium visit, we headed to Crown Casino for lunch. We ate at the food court and they had quite a variety of cuisine. 

What my family & I had for lunch! Bea digged in too fast for me to snap a picture but she had Indian food :p yeah, she came all the way to Australia for that...

After lunch, we headed to DFO South Wharf. DFO is an outlet mall, which means it sells branded items for a cheaper & more affordable price, be it out of season, reject items or weirdly sized clothing. If you dig deep enough, you can find things that are beyond your expectations with a much more affordable price than what they sell in their normal retail shops.

Bought these two backpacks from Ruby & Kit. The floral one for only 19AUD & the colorful aztec one for 24AUD. 

 After DFO, we explored the city by tram & feet. There are trams located all over the city in Melbourne. The only tram that is free of charge is the Melbourne City Circle Tram which goes circles the outside border for the city. We sat on that to do some sightseeing and got off and headed to Chinatown & Bourke Street which is known as a shopping street. 

So I dropped by Maccers (McD...they call it Maccers here), and the McCafe here has big ass macrons...well bigger than the tiny ones back home. They even have quite a variety of macrons sold in McD... :( Malaysia lacks so much man I swear...

Who doesn't need a picture in front of the Chinatown arch...

Got a huge pack of nougats, something that you cannot not buy when you're here. The soft ones especially are the best! Hard ones legit kills your teeth...

We headed to Bourke Street after Chinatown. It had all the major department stores on that street and also some of the local fashion boutiques like Sportsgirl, Cotton On, Witchery and so on. 

Got this EYE LIKE IT eye shadow pallet from Sportsgirl with nude tones & smoky tones for only 15AUD. Sportsgirl is more fashion than make up so I'm not sure if it's application will be as smooth as professional eyeshadow pallets but no harm giving it a try.

After exploring parts of the city, we headed back to Glen Waverly and had dinner at Kingsway which was just located nearby our place. We had Chinese food at some restaurant called Spicy Fish I think. The food was not bad. 

The next day, we went to Yarra Valley for cherry picking but sadly it was the Cherry Hill Orchard we booked online for was closed due to over picking from the weekends batch of customers. We had to wait till the coming weekend if we wanted to pick but if the cherries are still not fully riped by then, we can get a refund. We did take some pictures & bought some cherries there tho.

A small variety of cherry made food items & also fresh cherries for sale. 

After some picture taking & fruit purchasing, we decided to head to Buxton to do some trout fishing since we couldn't pick cherries. Buxton trout fishing farm is a fish farm that you can fish for your own trout/salmon depending on your liking and eat it fresh off the BBQ grill there. It has a beautiful scenery and also fresh fishes that are not that hard to catch. Good food, company & scenery, what more can one ask for?

Had so much fun fishing! You'd think fishing is easy but that shit needs crazy loads of patience & perseverance. First of all the bait stinks like shit and secondly it's not easy to fish hahaha but hey I got a hang of it eventually and the joy of getting a good catch was quite indescribable. The fish was so fresh because it was fresh out of the water. Seasoned with only salt & pepper, the fish produced its' own sweetness. Keep in mind that all of us were not dressed for fishing because it was so last minute so it was quite uncomfortable but hey city folks has their way around everything hahaha, was quite a challenge but made it through with flying colors! 

Damien took this photo of me, not bad at all for a 5 year old handling a SLR. My eyes look like slits hahahah but I like this photo quite a lot. 

Sweater : Bustier Rhymes ( / Top : F21 / Bag : Coach / Shorts : H&M / Stockings : Uniqlo / Shoes : H&M 

After fishing, we headed to a small town called Healsville for some extra food because just fish for lunch wasn't enough. We had our late lunch/tea time at this nice cafe that served quite a variety of food. Sorry, I forgot the usual...The food was okay, not bad. After that, we headed home and made dinner.