Melbourne with The Family & Bestie (Part 1)

My trip to Melbourne that I've been longing for had finally came. I was so psyched for this trip because I was going overseas with my family & one of my best friends, Bea. The flight was at night so we left for the airport in the evening

Bea & Damien making me their slave ugh

It was an overnight flight and I swear it was the worst ever. I couldn't sleep at all thanks to the time difference & my stupid seat that was so cramped. Bea & I were turning & tossing (we tried) hahah, worst ever! I wish I was still a tiny kid, I'd have more place to sleep and actually be turning & tossing.

We arrived around 9am Australian time, and since Australia is 3 hours ahead...we were practically awake at 6am...wait, no...awake at 3am for breakfast because it was 6am in Australia omg worst ever. 

the view of the sunrise in the early morning from the plane

It's supposed to be end of spring now but the weather is still slightly colder than expected. It's around 11 degrees min & 28 degrees max. 

Damien being cute in the airport.

We touched down and got all the procedures done and headed off to rent our car, eat lunch & check into our apartment.

 mehh, ugly mismatch hobo looking outfit due to the weather & my cina eyes revealed due to lack of sleep :( but hey if you wanna dress like a hobo...My uh

Beanie : H&M / Sweater : Bustier Rhymes ( [be sure to check it out! It's my aunt's online shop!] / Top : H&M / Bottom : H&M / Shoes : H&M

Hahahha practically fully H&M, I think I need a new place to shop at...

Had late lunch at Hungry Jacks, equivalent to Malaysia's Burger King.

Big ass whopper! It's larger than my face hahahah!

 My fav & so typical of me to have a bacon & cheese burger because I can't seem to resist bacon & cheese sigh :p 

 Baby burgers for kids aka Damien. 

After lunch, we checked into our apartment which is located right opposite Glen Mall in Glen Waverly, Victoria, Melbourne. It's a beautiful place to stay, has a beautiful neighborhood & houses. Sometimes, I just love experiencing different countries as a local hahah and this place just made it possible. It is equipped with a kitchen, living room, 3 rooms & 2 bathrooms. Cosy small space for us, really glad my parents managed to get this place. 

After checking in & washing up, we headed to Glen Mall which was just opposite our place here in Melb for grocery shopping & dinner. 

Is it weird that I kinda wish that we could have this in Malaysia hahaha it'd be so much easier to buy people presents because all you need to get is a gift card and the person receiving it can spend of anything they like instead of receiving surprises I weird hahahah :p

Why can't we have this in Malaysia too :( no more long lines at cashiers sigh & checking out yourself is actually fun hahaha!

After grocery shopping, we had dinner at the food court. I had noodles & my dad tried this cool burrito that was suppose to be famous. It's a greek sort of kebab? Burrito? No idea...but it tasted good. 

With Bea at Glen Mall. 

The next day, my parents had a BBQ picnic reunion thing with their old college mates and Bea & I had to make lasagna to bring to the picnic that night. 

Had fun making lasagna with Bea since she's such a culinary queen :p

Our lasagna :3 hahah okay, looks quite bad here, should have took a picture before it got cold & everyone digged in...

After making our lasagna, Wenn paid us a visit! 

Group photo! Wenn was Bea's best friend in primary school & still is. Glad to have made friends with her :)

We made pancakes the next morning before heading for our BBQ picnic!


We had the BBQ picnic at JJ Holland Park, Kensington. BBQ pits in parks in Australia are all normally free of charge to use & very clean. It was nice keeping warm while enjoying good food by the pit. 

Warm cosy outfit, partly summery and it's comfy & warm too! Long socks for cold spring days & shorts to welcome the summer. 

Sweater : Bustier Rhymes ( [be sure to check it out! It's my aunt's online shop!] / Top : F21 / Bottom : KITSCHEN / Socks : Korea / Shoes : H&M 

Had a lovely day with friends & family at the park filled with good food of course! After the BBQ picnic, we headed to Harbour Town to shop & to see the Melbourne Star.

The Melbourne Star is basically like Eye On Malaysia. A ferris wheel somewhere in the middle of the city but this ferris wheel isn't functional because apparently they had some accident during the test run so for now it's only for show.

Harbour town has an outdoor sort of mall that has lots of outlets which have really high discounted goods. It's a nice place to do your shopping at & with the slightly more affordable prices, you really can't miss it. Sadly, I didn't manage to get myself anything because malls in Australia only open till 6pm everyday except Fridays' they open till 9pm...I didn't get to explore the shops much but I did find something I liked but no size sigh #badluckzoey :(

We headed back and Bea & I made dinner from the groceries we bought the night before. We made Aglio Olio Ravioli! 

Our pot of gold ;)

The next day we headed to St Kilda Beach & Luna Park.

Outside Luna Park with Bea & Wenn + Damien :p

Churrossss! Best I've tasted aside from the ones in Malaysia, it has melted caramel inside yum :3

Riding the 360 with Bea because Wenn was too scared to join us :p 

photobooth with the girls

 At St Kilda Beach with the girls

Crochet top & shorts for the beach but since it might get a bit chilly, a light weight denim jacket in case. 

Had a great day at Luna Park & St Kilda beach! Luna Park was expected to be bigger but it's actually a really small theme park, more for kids actually. Admission tickets are a bit pricey so it's not a must to come here, except maybe for the churros :p

Jacket : Vintage / Bag : Coach / Top : H&M / Bandeau : BLXTZ53 by Samantha Yap (@blxtz53 on instagram) / Bottom : KITSCHEN / Shoes : H&M

Hair curled by Bea :*

After Luna Park, we headed to Springvale. Springvale is a Vietnamese town filled with their traditional foods & culture. This town was especially famous for their Pho (Vietnamese beef noodle) & other traditional dishes. I didn't get the name of the restaurant I went to but I was sure it was the biggest out of all the other Vietnamese restaurants that they had there. 

Me being weirdly fascinated with glass bottled Lipton ice lemon tea...I think I need help :( sigh

After lunch, we headed into the Vietnamese complex. It's basically a mini market filled with all sorts of raw ingredients to traditional foods.

This is only quarter of the variety they have in the mini market/complex.

Mom bought this traditional Vietnamese sandwich before we left that tasted quite good! 

After we got some ingredients, we headed back and started preparing our meal. My grandma invited some cousins that are residing here for dinner. We had loads of delicious Chinese dishes prepared by my grandma for my cousins.