Summary of 2013

2013 is coming to an end & if you know me well enough, you would have known by now that I have had more than 5 blogs in my life & half the time I tell myself I have to make it a habit to blog but after a few weeks I get lazy & just eventually stop...well again, THIS TIME...I'm telling myself that I really have to because I really want to share the amazing moments & adventures I have in my life & I like writing (just not with pen & paper).

This year has been filled with ups & downs but nonetheless, it has been an amazing year. I decided to do a summary of this year since I really had so much fun this year despite the fact that I had to sit for PMR & all the other shit that came along with it. 

I started off the year with school (obviously) & sports. It's funny how I don't even know how to hit a tennis ball with a tennis racquet but somehow I got into tennis MSSD. I only joined to skip classes & to experience MSSD, but in the process of all that, I met new people & made new friends which made me so proud that I made the decision to humiliate myself but at the same time make new memories.  

One of the days in between tennis MSSD, I got called to be in a 1Malaysia advert & it was definitely a fun experience. Met more new people :) 

photo credits to : mommy

After MSSD month, I tried out for my sports house cheerleading team & also the running events. 

photo credits to : Ihsan Khairir

Proud to say that I achieved something for running this year (like FINALLY). Gold for 4x100m & 4x400m :) 

photo credits to : Chooi Jing

Check us out! Green House Cheerleading 2013

The Greeps! Well that's what we call ourselves :p Green house's theme this year was based on The Hunger Games therefore we were all suited up based on the theme. Sadly, we didn't get a spot in the top 2 placings but it's fine, had great fun performing with the bunch. 

First picture with Sheng Wei! 

photo credits to : PS" Photography

Lawsons came to my school on the 12 of April!

photo credits to : PS" Photography

;) got their signature on their album cover & got a hug from one of them! Had a great time that day, Lawsons sounded so good live and definitely looked really good too hahaha!

photo credits to : Sheng Yang

It's really funny how our first date after Sheng Wei & I got together was literally in a jungle :p went Skytracking @ Skytrex with my baby. Definitely a day to remember, had so much fun while surrounded by nature even though I'm honestly not a big fan of nature.

In April, I did an Air Asia advert with these beautiful ladies.

photo credits to : mommy dearest 

Scenes from the shoot. Had an amazing experience doing this, probably one of my fav advert experiences.

  End product of a day's hard work :) Air Asia - Now Everyone Can Fly Xtra Long 

During the first term break, I did a photoshoot with Mr Pang & also Sheng Wei. It's funny how I got to do a photoshoot with my boyfriend but I guess it was cool. We often do retarded & unusual things together so this is just one of them.

photo credits to : PS" Photography

I picked out my fav pictures from the photoshoot to upload here but if you're interested in viewing the rest of the photos, here's the link to the album. (


From June to mid July was when Sri KDU's Paramount Championship was at it's peak, my classmates & I auditioned for modern dance & group singing and we got in to the finals.

Modern Dance audition tape :


Group singing semi finals : 

In the midst of Paramount Championship, I decided to sign myself up for MyChallenge 2013. I signed up for modern dancing, band and solo singing. I got into prelims for solo singing, semi finals for band & semi finals for modern dance...sadly, that was the end of my journey in MyChallenge 2013. 

Pictures taken for MyChallenge 2013 with the crew.

photo credits to PS" Photography




After MyChallenge 2013 was over, Paramount Championship was still going on. I joined various events & these are the few events I'm the most proud of. 

Check it! 

Modern Dancing - Gold 

All thanks to Arya, best choreography out there! 

Group Singing - Gold 

all videography credits to unknown videographers 

I achieved MY FAVORITE DANCER award in Paramount Championship, so thankful for it.

During the second term break, I did another advert but this time it was in cantonese! What a joke, I swear. I couldn't even speak properly but thank god it was just a few simple lines.

Few months before PMR commenced, I had a short getaway to Port Dickson with Bea.

photo credits to : Beatrice Leong

random selfies in the middle of the night

Went for Seri Hartamas's IU day a week after we came back. 

photo credits to : whoever was behind the camera, sorry forgot! 

Melati's sweet 16 - Great Gatsby themed, a day before my birthday :) 

photo credits to : whoever was behind the camera.

Spent my fifteenth birthday with all my loved ones. 

Birthday with my family @ Morganfield Steakhouse, Pavillion.

Birthday dinner with my girlies @ Opus, Bangsar.

and last but not least, with this cutie. Got the sweetest surprise from him, couldn't have asked for more. 

photo credits to : whoever was behind the camera.

September came along & it was a month before PMR. I participated in my school's patriotic run & placed! 

Not sure how long the run was but I'm guessing it was 4.5km. Definitely a good run.

October finally came, bringing along PMR which honestly wasn't too bad. Had 5 days of exams & I was free!

After PMR ended, I had a photoshoot for Sri KDU's Performance & Awards night. I got nominated for best performer of the year. 

Here are some insights of the photoshoot :)

photo credits to : PS" Photography

Had fun doing this, got a few shots with this cutie again :p

photo credits to : PS" Photography

After PMR, I also got called to join the choir for the school play called NAGARA.Currently, I'm going for practices almost everyday & I'm pretty excited to see the end product on the 8 & 9 of November :) if you're going, see you there! 

Well, this is the end of my summary. 2013 hasn't exactly come to an end so I'll continue writing soon :)